The Handmaid's Tale

Essay Questions.

I have picked The Handmaids Tale as my personal study book. Basically I can write an essay about anything. Anyone have any good ideas about which aspect of the book to write about? (Characters, themes etc.)

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Okay, I realize that this is about three years late but I actually did an essay on this book when I was at University. Yes, and I even have it here; i'm holding it right now! It was on "The Role of Feminism in a Quasi- Christian dystopian world". I'm not even a girl and I wrote about this. Much of it had to do with how patriarchal elements of the Bible are interpreted today and in Atwood's futuristic Republic of Gilead. There you have it! Maybe your proff. gave you a really long extension on this! You can E back and I can give you more brilliant ideas.