The Guest

The relationship between Balducci's perspective and his interpretation of the world

When the arab arrives to jail unescorted, how would Balducci's perspectives, and interpretations on the world change?

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In the end, I really don't think Balducci would care that the prisoner decided to go to jail on his own. He might be surprised that the prisoner didn't try to escape but only so far as the Arab was captive and didn't seek "freedom". There is a divide between the French and Arabs. To Balducci, the Arab prisoner constitutes little more than an animal that needs to be controlled. The Arab's reasons for this or that are irrelevant to him. If Balducci did care, there would be many questions he could ask. Was the prisoner better off in French jail? Was the prisoner trying to be loyal to Daru? I think, however, Balducci might just be a little surprised but his views would not change.