The Guest

morality and the guest

what is the main moral issue that Daru faces in The Guest?

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Daru is a first generation Frenchman trying to be accepted by his Arab countrymen. Algeria is occupied by the French which makes Daru forever an outsider. Daru desperately wants to be accepted as an Algerian. Daru despises violence and feels exiled everywhere else but his little school house in the mountains. When the Arab prisoner is entrusted to him, Daru will have nothing to do with him. As a Frenchman he is expected to take the prisoner to the next police station. Daru does not want to be a part of the violence the prisoner might have done and he does not wish to be a part of the French who oppress Algeria. Arabs do not accept him and if he should refuse, he would turn his back on the only culture that does. It is a very interesting story.