The Great Gatsby

Who would you consider to be the biggest liar? Why?

Out of the characters in the great gatsby which would you consider to be the biggest liar out of all of them? Why would you consider them to be the biggest liar? What makes them a big liar?

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A huge part of me would like to say that Tom is the biggest liar.... unfortunately, his lies are exposed early on, and the people affected by his lies choose to ignore them. Thus, I have to give Gatsby the prize for the "biggest" liar, as he not only lies to others, but chooses to consistently deceive himself as well.

Gatsby does not divulge his past and gives himself a false past. His reason? He needs to be accepted..... he needs to be worthy of the girl. Thus, everything he does snowballs off the first lie and eventually becomes an avalanche. Sadly, I believe Gatsby has told so many lies that he comes to believe them. He believes that the fortune he amassed (illegally) will open the doors of those with "old money."

Then there's Daisy. Gatsby believes he will get the girl, something that would NEVER happen. Daisy would never give up her place in society or her child, which Gatsby thinks she'll do. Like her husband, she might have a fling.... but position is everything, and she is not going to give up the position she was raised to fill, and she doesn't.

Lastly, you might use the example of Gatsby's actions; he throws parties he doesn't enjoy, socializes with people he doesn't like, and even allows people to sponge off (live with him) for the sake of impressing others. He's trapped in his own illusions.


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