The Great Gatsby

what might the eyes of DR. T.J. eckleberg represent or symbolize

describe toms girl

compare and contrast personalitys of myrtle and daisy

why do you think tom is attracted to myrtil

what is the lie tom told cathren why did he lie

describe mr and mis wilsons relationship

what does tom do when myrtil says the name daisy

why is the ending to chapter 2 so disjoined what had nick been doing all evening that might have caused this strange narritive


what arrives at gatsbys house every friday what leaves monday what does this tell u about the partys he throws

how does nick recive his invite to gatsbys party

what illegal activity is taking place at the party

what kind of relationship has jordan developed with the other guset at the party

what discovery did the owl-eyes man mand in gatsby lybrarie what does this say about the 1920s

what is ironic about jordans statement comparing large and small partys

on what does owel-eyes blam the accident after gatsbys party

how does nick describe jorden at the end of the chapter

why does jorden say i hate careless people thats why i like you

what unique quality do we learn that nick posseses

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Many critics suggest that the eyes symbolize God looking over a sinful land. In George Wilson's case the faded eyes can symbolize the death of the American dream or the American dream being an illusion to begin with. In either case, poor George Wilson has a life that is full of shattered dreams.

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