The Great Gatsby

What important difference do you observe between the original thesis statement and the revised version (“As these works show, positive thinking is one of the best ways to respond to conflict, as well as an effective path to healing for those who survive p

The student author originally wrote the following thesis statement for this essay:

People in the Nazi concentration camps and the Japanese internment camps had to have a positive attitude in order to survive.

Imagine you are assigned to write an essay on the excerpt from Dear Miss Breed about the response among the Japanese people who were incarcerated at the internment camps.

The essay prompt says:
The Japanese-Americans who were sent to the internment camps came from all walks of life and many parts of the country. In these difficult circumstances, families were thrown together with complete strangers. In situations such as this, would it be better to keep the family strong and protected against the outside world, or to become friends with strangers? Write an essay uses evidence from the text of Miss Breed to answer this question.

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