The Great Gatsby

what happens at gatsby's funeral?

because daisy was the one who killed mr.wilsons wife myrtle, was there any tension?

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Hundreds of people had flocked to join Gatsby's parties, whether they were invited or not. However, when Nick starts making calls to people about Gatsby's funeral, he finds no one wants to attend. Tom and Daisy have left town, Meyer Wolfsheim gives his regrets, and no one that Nick calls agrees to come to the funeral. Only Gatsby's father sends a telegram asking that the funeral be postponed so that he can get there. The only people who finally attend are Nick, Mr. Gatz, the minister, a few servants and the postman from West Egg. Daisy never even sends flowers. Owl Eyes sums it up when he drives up to and then leaves the cemetery, —“The poor son-of-a-bitch”— the only eulogy Gatsby receives.