The Great Gatsby

What does Nick mean when he says of Gatsby: “He came alive to me, delivered suddenly from the womb of his purposeless splendour”? (p.51) How does the revelation of his previous meetings with Daisy change his character in our eyes?

Chapter 4, thanks

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It would seem, from Jordan's story, that Gatsby was born in an instant. It was as if Gatsby had no past, no childhood. Gatsby had re-created himself in the years following the war.He became a new man, a re-invention of himself. It's like he tossed how roots away. Nick also sees Nick's existence as "purposeless", like most of the lives in East Egg. Yet, there is a "splendour" about Gatsby's lifestyle that is attractive at the same time."I think Gatsby largely lives in the world of illusion that he desperately tries to make into reality.