The Great Gatsby

what did tom and daisy's home look like

furniture colors style of house

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Daisy's house is a fairly large and elaborate Georgian Colonial mansion,

located on East Egg.  She lives there with her husband Tom Buchannan.  The

house is spacious, much like the Buchanna's marriage, but it has nice

furniture and antiques so that it appears to be comfortable and quaint, and

one would assume that a happy family lived but they are not happy.


The great gastby

Tom and Daisy's home is a Georgian colonial mansion. It's described as spacious, and it's filled with beautiful furniture and antiques. It has a rather old-fashioned feel; it's described as comfortable.

As for colors, there's a green light on the outside of the home that Gatsby watches from a distance. The predominant colors inside of the home are red and white, and they are said to represent Tom's bold, superior attitudes.

The porch is set to catch the sun, and there's an Italian Garden, filled with roses. When Nick first entered the house, he was greeted by an high hallway enclosed by rose colored walls; there were large french windows at either end.

The ceiling of the home was ornate, the main rug was the color of wine, and the couch was enormous. Sounds like a great house...... too bad it wasn't a home!


The Great Gatsby