The Great Gatsby

Their eyes were watching god and The great gatsby

How do these books compare when it comes to the idea of eyes and god

Gatsby: how the eyes of TJ Eckelberg are like god's eyes 

the title says it all: Their eyes were watching god



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I think it does mean that. Both books have a lot of drama in them. The eyes of TJ Eckelberg and the idea of "God" function as a motif of disassociation between the maddening world and whatever divinity there might be. 

I think that both books hold the meaning of God or a God-like idea watching human drama unfold. In both cases the eyes are static, emotionless, and indifferent to the suffering of the characters. In The eyes that are watch God, the characters look for some sign that God cares but they they get none. There is actually much to write on this but it would take a long time and too much space to get really detailed. 

Thank you Aslan that make sense . My only question for you would be what does it mean that the god like figure/god is so emotionless/uncaring?