The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, then out into the spring fields

Could you please tell me how you understand "out into" in the following excerpt from the chapter 8? Is it possible to add a verb and a subject such as "the train went / we went (out into)"?

The day-coach—he was penniless now—was hot. He went out to the open vestibule and sat down on a folding chair, and the station slid away and the backs of unfamiliar buildings moved by. Then out into the spring fields, where a yellow trolley raced them for a minute with people in it who might once have seen the pale magic of her face along the casual street.

Thank you.

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This would be the same as going out to the spring fields, but as with everything Fitzgerald writes it is far more specific. The didn't just go out to the spring fields, it traveled into the spring fields.