The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, one fresh glance

Could you please tell me the meaning of "fresh" in the following excerpt from the chapter Six of The Great Gatsby?

Perhaps some unbelievable guest would arrive, a person infinitely rare and to be marvelled at, some authentically radiant young girl who with one fresh glance at Gatsby, one moment of magical encounter, would blot out those five years of unwavering devotion.

Thank you.

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Because this guest is characterized as so new, even her glance was "fresh".

This female guest is a "possible" guest, she isn't a reality. People came in and out of Gatsby's parties all the time, Nick is musing that possibly some beautiful young girl could walk in and make Gatsby forget his five year longing for Daisy......... that someone he's never seen before might look up with "one fresh glance," and grab his attention.