The Great Gatsby

The great gatsby chapeter 7

8. Nick ruminates at the end of chapter, after Gatsby and Daisy finally meet, that “[t]here must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams . . . .” Why does Nick say this? What does he mean?

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This is actually in Chapter 5. Nick thinks Gatsby has had to have noticed the imperfections of Daisy. Her speech, conduct and life must have hinted that Daisy is not the Goddess he thought. Obsession is, however, a strange thing, Gatsby only sees perfection.

In Jay’s mind he has literally made her out to be this perfect woman without fault of any kind. So when a flawed woman showed up with a wide variety of issues and imperfection, and he expected this Queen of his dreams, Jay had to have noticed that he had set his expectations much too high for one woman to achieve. Nick saw that.


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