The Great Gatsby

the cars

i need to know about symbolism of Gatsby's cars and use of the cars.

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don't the cars just represent the various statuses of those who drive them? I didn't think there was a whole lot more symbolism there...

Gatsby's car is the one that runs over Myrtle Wilson. But Daisy is the one driving it. Gatsby takes the blame--and George's "punishment" of revenge. It's classic Buchanan: make a mess with somebody else's property, and leave others to clean it up.

I think The car represents all the love affairs throughout the book.

Daisy kills mrytle which was the woman her husband tom was having an affair with. and tom blams gatsby for killing mrytle and gatsby was having an affair with daisy.

Gatsby and Daisy ride in toms car together which represents daisy cheating on tom.