The Great Gatsby


Gatsby is often referred to as "an Oxford man." List those characters who thought that being an Oxford man was important. What does this term suggest to each character? Why do you think it was important?

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The fact is everyone thought that being an Oxford man was important, but not necessarily because it was "Oxford," as all of the charaters were well-educated, but rather because it was a necessity to be a college man.

Speech is important, the way the characters talk....... Gatsby's attempts to sound like everyone else are noted, he has to work at it...... and this singles him out. Dialects are used throughout the novel and people are judged (accepted or not) based upon the way they speak. Mr. Wolfsheim is a great example..... it doesn't matter how much money he has...... he doesn't have good breeding.

As far as the charatcers go, each of them believe edeucation is a necessity. The problem is that they don't believe Gatsby..... and with good reason, he's lying.


The Great Gatsby