The Great Gatsby

Nick suggests that Gatsby leave town for awhile, why won't gatsby leave? find a quote to support your answer and cite it correctly. In your opinion, what does this say about Gatsby and his feelings for Daisy?

chapter 8 and 9

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He advises Gatsby to leave Long Island until the scandal of Myrtle's death has quieted down. Gatsby refuses, as he cannot bring himself to leave Daisy,

“Go away now, old sport?”

“Go to Atlantic City for a week, or up to Montreal.”

He wouldn’t consider it. He couldn’t possibly leave Daisy until he knew what she was going to do. He was clutching at some last hope and I couldn’t bear to shake him free.

Gatsby tells Nick that he spent the entire night in front of the Buchanans' mansion, just to ensure that Daisy was safe. He tells Nick that Tom did not try to harm her, and that Daisy did not come out to meet him, though he was standing on her lawn in full moonlight. Gatsby is really turning obsessive/creepy here.

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