The Great Gatsby

In what ways wilson and gatsby similar?Dissimiliar? Who is Nick more sympathetic to?

compare wilson and gatsby

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Both Gatsby and Wilson have to compete with Tom for their women. The difference between them is that one is the legitimate husband of his woman, the other (Gatsby) an affair. They both want acceptance of these women and they both come from a very working class background. Wilson works for an honest living trying to stretch every dollar. Gatsby likely works illegally and throws money to the wind regularly.

The duration of Nick's time with Gatsby and therefore our time as readers might make Gatsby seem like the character Nick holds greater sympathy for. However, by the end Nick is growing disgust for Gatsby's obsession with Daisy especially when it tosses morality out the window. Nick gives little report on Wilson, in fact he seems to always report directly what's going on with Wilson with little emotion.

Regarding Gatsby, Nick "had enough of all of them [referring to Gatsby, Daisy, Tom and Jordan]" and he thought Gatsby "despicable." This is all just after the accident.

By the end of the whole story though, Nick's sympathy toward Gatsby improved. He felt terrible that no one paid honor to this man or cared that he was dead, which maybe rightly indeed honored his life. Was it a life of significance? Maybe only to those who showed up for the funeral thought so. This earned Nick's renewed sympathy and he continued pursuit of arranging a respectful ceremony, if that was possible.