The Great Gatsby

In chapter 8 of the great gatsby describe nick's day at work. In particular, describe his phone call from Jordan: her voice, what she tells him, and his response?

Please use quotations

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"Up in the city I tried for a while to list the quotations on an

interminable amount of stock, then I fell asleep in my swivel-chair.

Just before noon the phone woke me and I started up with sweat

breaking out on my forehead. "

Nick's phone call with Daisy is stilted and awkward,

"You weren't so nice to me last night."

"How could it have mattered then?"

Silence for a moment. Then--

"However--I want to see you."

"I want to see you too."

"Suppose I don't go to Southampton, and come into town this afternoon?"

"No--I don't think this afternoon."

"Very well."

"It's impossible this afternoon. Various----"