The Great Gatsby

in chapter 1 of the great gatsby

What general impressions do you gain from the narrator’s visit to the Buchanans about :

Ø their life-style

Ø Tom’s attitude about himself

Ø Tom’s attitude towards others (Daisy and Jordan)?

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Tom and Daisy live a lavish lifestyle in East Egg. Tom comes from "old money" meaning he has inherited it. Tom is brash and rather offensive individual. Tom dominates the conversation at dinner; he wishes to propound ideas he has found in a book entitled "The Rise of the Colored Empires." This book espouses racist and white supremacist ideas, to which Tom wholeheartedly subscribes. Daisy talks about him behind his back saying that he has become terribly cynical and sophisticated since her and Nick last met. Tom of course is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson and Daisy seems up for a re-discovery of Gatsby.