The Great Gatsby

In chapter 1 Nick says "Iwas confused and a little disgusted as I drove away". what other instances throughout the novel does Nick feel this way?

when does Nick feel confused and disgusted?

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Nick feels slightly sick to his stomach for much of the novel, really there are so many scenes to choose from. I would consider Chapter 2 when they all get really drunk. Shortly after Tom gives her a puppy as a gift, Myrtle begins chanting Daisy's name to irritate Tom. Tom tells her that she has no right to say Daisy's name; she continues taunting him, and he responds by breaking Myrtle's nose. Nick is quite disgusted at the whole scene. The end of the book (Chapter 9) is confusing for Nick and a little disgusting as hardly anybody shows up to Gatsby's funeral. Gatsby lavishly entertained hundreds if not thousands of the upper crust with lavish parties. After Gatsby dies, virtually nobody gives a damn. Nick is quite perplexed.