The Great Gatsby

How is Gatsby great in spite of his flaws

I good statement that describes how gatsby is great in spite of his flaws

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Gatsby is great through Nick's eyes because he was able to create a new identity for himself when he needed to be someone else. Gatsby's determination and audacity are amazing to Nick. Gatsby focused on a goal, that of winning Daisy, and he did whatever was necessary to attain it.

Gatsby established that he would need wealth to keep Daisy in the manner she was accustomed to, and so he attained a "business" that would give him financial wealth. He studied mannerisms and expressions he thought would be what the social elite would say and do, and in this way , his gullibility is endearing.

Another aspect of Nick's admiration of Gatsby is the fact that he is a romantic at heart. Gatsby never veers from his goal and dream of winning Daisy, and even in the face of reality, his steadfast determination is admirable , if somewhat misguided.