The Great Gatsby

How does the social setting add to the context of the novel

Main points of discussion:


• Acceptable only for rich at the time

• Banned

• Gastby sells alcohol illegally

• Have parties and don't get caught (police turn a blind eye?)

• Nick has only got drunk once (not much money = not much alcohol)

• Ironic that Gatsby doesn't drink and that's where he made his money from?

Cheating on husband/wife

• Acceptable

• Both partners know about affairs and don't think much of it

• Tom cheats with someone of lower class than himself and doesn't care much for her

Cheating generally

• Jordan cheated in golf tournament

• Nick cheat Tom by setting up Daisy and Gatsby

• Gatsby cheats his way into money (illegally selling alcohol)

• Gatsby cheats himself by pretending to be born rich and live that lifestyle

Lack of religion/spirituality

• No moral/ethics

• Carefree lifestyle

• Can get away with more (selling alcohol, killing Myrtle)

• Wilson's the only one who bring religion up

• Eckleburg as a sign of god in Wilson's POV

• Tom says that white people need to dominate at the beginning of the novel?

• Gatsby "son of god?"

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Well, you basically have the outline for a great research paper. I think the elusive idea of the "American Dream" should fit somewhere in here but you have broken this down pretty well.