The Great Gatsby

how does nick characterize gatsbys state of mind before he is killed

Before Gatsby dies

Chapter 8

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Nick stays with Gatsby until Nick has to go to work the next morning, and they have breakfast together. Gatsby wants to talk about Daisy, how they met, and what had happened the day before. He tells Nick that Daisy had been confused and excited by the exchange between Gatsby and Tom, and Tom had frightened her. Gatsby says he doesn't think she ever loved Tom, but she might have when they were first married. So you can tell what happened is weighing heavily on Gatsby's mind. He's trying to convince himself that Daisy will be calling him that day, and they'll get together in the afternoon as always. He wants Nick to confirm that Daisy will call Gatsby as well, but Nick doesn't know what to say. Gatsby refuses to leave Daisy, wanting to stay there and take care of her. Gatsby still sees himself as Daisy's knight in shining armor to protect and defend her honor. He has no idea that Daisy and Tom are packing their bags to leave that very day. Just before Nick leaves, he tells Gatsby, "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together." Nick was always glad he told Gatsby that, especially since he was shot by Wilson a few hours later.