The Great Gatsby

How do Nick and Gatsby seek wealth?

In the Great Gatsby what evidence suggests that Nick and Gatsby seek wealth? Use in-text reference.

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Gatsby seeks wealth to attract Daisy to him. His whole reason for reinventing himself is to erase the previous five years. Gatsby's wealth is merely a tool in Gatsby's plan to achieve the be all and end all of his life: the love of Daisy. Nick is interested in wealth in the benign way an upper middle class boy might view riches. Nick decides to try his hand at the bond market but he gets side tracked by his life in East Egg. By the end of the book, Nick is not nearly enamored with the life of the filthy rich as he once had been. By the end of the book he finds the people of East Egg to be superficial and vacuous. I think Nick might have felt this way about seeking enormous wealth as well.