The Great Gatsby


Please can some1 help with following ? on "The Great Gatsby"

Reason's for Gatsby's death, explore in detail whether any one person can be blamed for the killing.

Tom Wilson shot Gatsby, however there are many reasons and many people involved in his death, in fact Tom Buchanan and even the American dream itself can also be blamed.

Please if any1 could give a bit more insight in2 this ?

Tnx-a-lot, much appreciated

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Personally, if I had to place the key blame on one person, I'd choose Daisy. She has lived a deplorable life. She dropped Jay to marry money. She and Tom just do whatever they please and don't care whom they hurt. When Jay comes back into her life, she cheats on Tom. She kills Myrtle (albeit accidentally) and then just drives on without stopping to lend aid. Then she participates in the big lie about how it happened. Once again, she and Tom have made a huge mess and then run off and left someone else to clean it up.

The great irony is that this poisonous woman has the name of a flower. Or, maybe it's not so ironic--corpses are said to be "pushing up daisies," after all. And Daisy leaves a trail of death behind her . . .

In the book he said he could not live without daisy.

Which was true because he died when he no longer had daisy.

Tom got daisy back and at the same time gatsby died.

What is the comparism between the movie and the book