The Great Gatsby

Guests at the parties

I have a question - why do people come to Gatsby's parties? I read somewhere that they are also dreamers and the embodiments of illusions representing the distortions of the ruined American Dream. They seek for a reality from which they have become historically separated; a reality through which they would be fulfilled. But what does it actually mean? What is that reality? Is anybody able to explain it to me?

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People come to Gatsby's parties to escape their meaningless, boring lives. Also remember, these people were living in an America where liquor was a big no-no. If they could party like rock stars for one night, they would not be worrying about holding on to their current lifestyles. They could bask in the carefree, music and liquor-filled world that Gatsby's bootlegging had provided for them. Who wouldn't want to relive the time before the Great Depression?