The Great Gatsby

"Gatsby Symbols"

Okay, I Have A Summer Assignment For MY English Ap Class,

I've Done fine on all of the questions and quotes and the essay. But.. Theres a "symbols" Assignment that i just dont get.. Please help?? :[

My Teacher Wrote These Instructions >_>

"Examine the following symbols in The Great Gatsby. Describe the meaning/function of each symbol. Some of the symbols are characters and some of them are actions. Think about all of them in the following way: what is the function/meaning of this symbol?

1. Gatsby's uncut books/Nick's unread books

2. Wolfsheim's cufflinks

3. Gatsby's car/ Gatsby's clothes

4. Tom Buchanan pushing people around/Tom Buchanan quoting all things "he's Read"

5. The faded timetable (showing the names of Gatsby's guests)

6, Anti-semitism, predjudice

7 Weather

8 Time, Seasons

9. The ash heap

10. The green light at the end of Daisy's dock

11. East versus West Egg

12. Gatsby's career/Nicks career

13. Dan Cody

14. T.J Eckleberg

15. Silver and gold (color)

16. White (color)

17. Green (color)]

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LOL I have that assignment too ...

i think what he wants us to do is explain what each of the things on the list symbolsizes..

i havnt started on that part yet...still on the questions but