The Great Gatsby

Gatsby symbols!

My Teacher Wrote These Instructions >_>

"Examine the following symbols in The Great Gatsby. Describe the meaning/function of each symbol. Some of the symbols are characters and some of them are actions. Think about all of them in the following way: what is the function/meaning of this symbol?

1. Tom Buchanan pushing people around/Tom Buchanan quoting all things "he's Read"

2. The faded timetable (showing the names of Gatsby's guests)

3, Anti-semitism, predjudice

4 Weather

5 Time, Seasons

6. The ash heap

7. Gatsby's career/Nicks career

8. Dan Cody

9. T.J Eckleberg

10. Silver (color)

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You need to submit these separately. THere are too many for this one space.

1. Tom Buchanan is the archetype of a bully. He's filthy rich, self absorbed, and constantly needs to validate his self-esteem. This is why he pushes people around to intimidate them as well as demonstrate his intelligence by discussing the books he has supposedly read.