The Great Gatsby


I just have a problem in Great Gatsby, i came across a question and i am trying to figure it out. the question is" Does Gatsby deserves to be calld "Great"? in what ways is he great? in what ways is he not? in the end, which

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Gatsby has a "great" amount of wealth which, unfortunately, would qualify him in the minds of many Americans as being "great."

I believe the reason that Gatsby is decribed as 'Great' is because of his clear tenacity to have Daisy. He longs for her, so much so, that its clear he's in pain over his desperation to 'own' her. To want someone for so long and still be sane is a strength; therefore it is clear that Gatsby is indeed 'Great'! Not only that but also what he's willing to do to obtain her; for instance he became a bootlegger for his wealth and money and even brought a home in the exact location for a view over the water to her home; he even goes to the extent of having wild parties for people he doesnt even know in the hope that she will come to one. His whole life has evolved around Daisy, that is all he has ever wanted or needed and this book shows this dramatically.

Nick considers Gatsby great because he possesses that "extraordinary gift for hope" that Nick values so much.


Daniel, I merely stated my opinion.