The Great Gatsby

describe Meyer Wolfsheim physically, explain what he does for a living, and describe his cufflinks. what logical conclusion can we make about Gatsby based on this interaction with Wolfsheim?

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Meyer is described in the following way;

A small, flat-nosed Jew raised his large head and regarded me with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril. After a moment I discovered his tiny eyes in the half darkness.

His cufflinks were made from human molars.

He paused. ‘I see you’re looking at my cuff buttons.’ I hadn’t been looking at them, but I did now. They were composed of oddly familiar pieces of ivory. ‘Finest specimens of human molars,’ he informed me.

Gatsby tells us that Meyer is a gambler.

‘Meyer Wolfshiem? No, he’s a gambler.’ Gatsby hesitated, then added coolly: ‘He’s the man who fixed the World’s Series back in 1919.’

From this information, we can infer that Gatsby's enterterprises are sketchy as well.


The Great Gatsby