The Great Gatsby


Which of the characters do you think fits this statement best: "Someone who conforms outwardly while questioning inwardly"? For whoever you pick, why would you say that person?

At first I thought Nick, but now I'm thinking about the other characters too.

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I wouln't value my opinion too much-ive only read the novel, havn't studied it yert, but i think Daisy could fit this. i mean she conformed to societies expedctations as a youth, not marrying Gatsby as he was too poor, but she loves him doesnt she, even later?

But does she love him?

She never phoned him back. There's hints in the book where her and Tom was plotting over "cold chicken" this could well have been planned between the two to get Gatsby out of the picture. I don't think she loves him or Tom, I think the only person she truly loves is herself...and maybe her daughter.

It's Daisy!

She acts like a fool, because she believes "thats the best thing a girl can be in this world" however she knows exactly what is going on around her.