The Great Gatsby

Comprehension Questions chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

1. How does Nick experience Gatsby's lifestyle?

2. What surprises the man in the library? What does it mean that Gatsby "knew when to stop"? What does Nick say about New York?

Chapter 4

1.What is "so peculiarly American" about Gatsby?

2. Is Gatsby telling the truth?

3. Why doesn't Gatsby get a speeding ticket?

4. Who is Wolfsheim and what is his connection to Gatsby? What is special about Wolfsheim's cuff buttons?

5. What impression does Jordan give of Daisy's life with Tom? What happens between Jordan and the Nick?

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1) Nick experiences Gatsby's lifestyle when he attends a party in his home.

2) The man in the library was surprised that the books it contained were real.

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The Great Gatsby