The Great Gatsby

Chapter 1

3-5 sentence summary of the characters that are introduced, major events and plot twists.

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We meet our narrator, Nick Carraway, who comes from a prominent Midwestern family, graduated from Yale, and has decided to move to new York in order to learn the bond business (he is living in the West Egg). His cousin Daisy lives on the East Egg, and while attending a dinner party in her home he sees his old classmate Tom Buchanan (Daisy's husband) and meets a firend of Daisy's (Jordan Baker, a professional golfer).

At dinner, Tom talks too much and gives his views on "The Rise of the Colored Empires," a racist book that Tom totally supports. We also learns that Tom is having an affair. The end of the chapter introduces us to Gatsby himself........ but all we get is a glimpse.