The Great Gatsby

Can you analyze Fitzgerald's style of the following words?

Look at chapter 3 and analyze Fitzgerald's style of using adjectives before nouns to develop the atmosphere of the party at Gatsby's mansion. Study the examples below first.

p. 47, 6th P: "premature moon" p. 43 3rd P

p. 47, 6th P: "slender golden arm" p. 43 3rd P

p. 49, 1st P: "persistent undergraduate" p. 44 Last P

p. 49, 1st P: "dignified homogeneity" p. 44 Last P

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I'm not sure what kind of analysis you are looking for. In general, Fitzgerald liked carefully put together sentences and word phrases. In your examples, he puts together uncommon word combinations that are also engaging in the context of his writing style and the story.