The Grapes of Wrath

What is the function of Chapter 15? What does it imply about businessmen, waitresses, and truck drivers?


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Instead of viewing the plight of the migrant families from the perspective of the Joads, this chapter gives another, somewhat less sympathetic perspective to their situation. For the people who own the diners and other small businesses along Route 66, the migrant workers are little more than a burden on them, asking these people, who are simply attempting to make a living, for handouts and charity. The men and women who work at the diners on Route 66 view the migrant families with a conflicting sense of loathing and compassion. They see these travelers as shiftless and threatening, yet do take pity on them. Mae and Al sell them a loaf of bread and Mae even sells the children candy for a much reduced price. Yet part of this compassion stems from impatience. It is easier to give the migrant families what they want and send them on their way. Ceck out this GradeSaver link: