The Grapes of Wrath

What is significant about Al and Aggie’s announcement?

Chapter 28

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Al and Aggie return to the boxcar, and they announce that they are getting married. When the two kids announce their engagement, despite the celebration by the families it is not joyous news, for it Steinbeck contrasts the engagement with the pregnancy of Rose of Sharon, who is ready to deliver her child without her husband or any means of support.


What is most significant i think is the continued optimism Al and Aggie display by deciding to get engaged. A want for a better future, never giving up on what they desire from life; this does not include unnecessary material things. That this takes place whilst Rosasharn is about to deliver her baby without husband present emphasises this further. The cycle of life continuing no matter the circumstances. Not giving up when those born into privilege may have long ago. The working class never going away.

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