The Grapes of Wrath

What does Steinbeck suggest by the figures of the jehovites who want to hold a meeting in the Joads tent as grandma is dying? why does Ma turn away?

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A Jehovite woman visits the Joads' tent to help Granma, and tells Ma that Granma will die soon. The woman also wants to organize a prayer meeting, but Ma orders the woman not to. Nevertheless, soon Ma can hear distant chanting and singing, which eventually descends into crying. Eventually, Granma Joad falls asleep. Once again Ma takes charge, ordering the Jehovites to leave her family alone. The Jehovite woman barged into the Joad's tent during a very private time. I think that Steinbeck suggests the lack of privacy in these camps. The Jehovite woman represents the overreaching role of religion even in a transient camp.