The Grapes of Wrath

What does Noah become throughout this whole novel?

Grapes of Wrath

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Noah becomes introspective and independent. I love his character!

When the Joads reach California and stop to camp by the Colorado River, Noah falls in love with the cool, clear water. He decides right there and then to live by the river forevermore. He decides not to follow his family any further. When Tom tries to convince him to come with the family, Noah replies, "'You know how the folks are nice to me. But they don't really care for me'" (18.114). When Tom tries to talk sense into him, Noah says, "'It ain't no use. I was in that there water. An' I ain't a-gonna leave her. I'm a-gonna go now, Tom – down the river. I'll catch fish an' stuff, but I can't leave her. I can't'" (18.116). Noah finds something in the Colorado River's waters that he can't part with for all the world.