The Grapes of Wrath

What do you think of Casys viewpoint that there is no sin and there is no virtue and only the actions of people?

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I think this question is asking for an opinion that should be solely yours............ Casy was a preacher; he turned his back on the Bible, his congregation (he actually took sexual advantage of some of his congregation), church doctrine, and refused to acknowledge any type of moral code whatsoever.

As a minister, Casy preached brimstone and fire, and afterwards took advantage of his female converts. Initially, he felt guilt....... but instead of stopping this behavior he justified his actions by thinking, "maybe it's just the way folks is." He left the ministry, fell into complete decline, and after meeting with Tom moved on with his life. Eventually he came to the conclusion (as many New Age believers do today) that there is no virtue of vice, that humanity is in fact the holy spirit. He no longer believes in the afterlife.

That is where your opinion comes in......... what do you believe, and what do you think of Casy's viewpoint? Depending on your own personal beliefs, you yourself need to formulate your answer as it is a personal opinion.