The Grapes of Wrath

What are 20 or more examples of good vs. evil in the grapes of wrath?

It is for an essay so I just need as many examples as I can find.

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The book goes much deeper than simply good vs evil. The Joad's and other farm families are kicked of their land. There is a drought and a depression and whatever else that can go wrong basically does. The banks foreclose on their farms and destroy their shacks. I guess that's pretty mean. Society doesn't seem to care as these families, more or less, starve. The Joads go to California looking to pick various crops. This is pre-union or pre standards of any kind so the families are pretty much slaves. That's pretty mean too. Men who try to organise themselves into a labour are crushed. There is a nice government camp that tries to help the farmers, that's good. But then mean men from outside try to start a fight. That's not nice. I think in the end good and evil are pretty relative terms. The Holocaust was evil. The grapes of Wrath, I'm not sure. Sorry I didn't list 20 items. The story is about a social and economic construct that people, even today, accept.