The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath chapter?

1.what's the difference between the yellow dog and the men?

2.what conclusion about the holy spirit did Jim Casy arrive at?

3.Jim Casy was concerned about the effects of his ministry.Why? often had Tom heard from his family while in jail?

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1) The dog is goal-minded. (Page 20)

2) Casy believes that all men and women are the Holy Spirit, connected by one common soul.

3) Casy tells Tom that part of the reason he quit preaching was that he too often succumbed to temptation, having sex with many of the girls he Œsaved.

4) Tom has two cards from his family while in jail.

"Oh, I heard. Ma sent me a card two years ago, an' las' Christmas

Granma sent a card. Jesus, the guys in the cell block laughed! Had a tree

an' shiny stuff looks like snow."


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