The Grapes of Wrath


Tom reveals his crime to Cast. What was it and what would Tom do in the same situation now? What does that say about his charcter?

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Tom got into a bar fight, during which the other man stabbed him. Tom retaliated by hitting the man with a shovel, which killed him. If in the same situation, Tom would likely react the same way. He was nto ashamed of what he did. He stands by and believes in his actions.

"I'd do what I done—again," said Joad. "I killed a guy in a fight. We was drunk at a dance. He got a knife in me, an' I killed him with a shovel that was layin' there. Knocked his head plumb to squash." Casy's eyebrows resumed their normal level. "You ain't ashamed of nothin' then?" "No," said Joad, "I ain't. I got seven years, account of he had a knife in me. Got out in four—parole."


The Grapes of Wrath