The Grapes of Wrath

In Chapter 4, Why does Casy ‘fall from grace’ and how does he come to terms with it?

In chapter four 

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Jim Casy was a "Burning Busher" who used to "howl out the name of Jesus to glory," but he lost the calling because he has too many sinful ideas that seem sensible. Casy claims that he doesn't know where he's going now, and Tom tells him to lead people, even if he doesn't know where to lead them. Casy tells Tom that part of the reason he quit preaching was that he too often succumbed to temptation, having sex with many of the girls he Œsaved. Finally he realized that perhaps what he was doing wasn't a sin, and there isn't really sin or virtue ­ there are simply things people do. He realized he didn't Œknow Jesus,' he merely knew the stories of the Bible.