The Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of wrath chapter 9?

1.What does the junk man buy in addition to the farmer's junk?

2.What promise for the future goes along with the sale?

3.Why do the farmers become nervous and impatient to leave after they burned the leftover junk?

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1) "junked lives," "bitterness," "Buying a plow to plow your own children under,

buying the arms and spirits that might have saved you."

2) There's a premium goes with this pile of junk and the bay horses—so beautiful—a packet of bitterness to grow in your house and to flower, some day. We could have saved you, but you cut us down, and soon you will be cut down and there'll be none of us to save you."

3) they were nervous....

"Suddenly they were nervous. Got to get out quick now. Can't wait. We

can't wait. And they piled up the goods in the yards and set fire to them.

They stood and watched them burning, and then frantically they loaded

up the cars and drove away, drove in the dust."


The Grapes of Wrath