The Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of wrath chapter 10?

1.What does Tom reply to his mother's concern over what California is really like?

2.What info does tom give her about California?

3.Why does Casy want to go to California with the Joads?

4.What's Tom's definition of preaching?

5.What was decided in the family council?How was it decided?

6.How do they get Grampa on the truck?

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1) "Don't roust your faith bird-high an' you won't do no crawlin' with the worms."

2) "I knowed a fella from California. He didn't talk like us. You'd of knowed he come from some far-off place jus' the way he talked. But he says they's too many folks lookin' for work right there now. An' he says the folks that pick the fruit live in dirty ol' camps an' don't hardly get enough to eat. He says wages is low an' hard to get any."

3) "The preacher sighed. "I'll go anyways," he said. "Somepin's happening.

I went up an' I looked, an' the houses is all empty, an' the lan' is empty,

an' this whole country is empty. I can't stay here no more. I got to go

where the folks is goin'. I'll work in the fiel's, an' maybe I'll be happy." "

4) "Preachin's a kinda tone a voice, an' preachin's a way a lookin' at things. Preachin's bein' good to folks when they wanna kill ya for it. Las' Christmus in McAlester, Salvation Army come an' done us good. Three solid hours a cornet music, an' we set there. They was bein' nice to us. But if one of us tried to walk out, we'd a- drawed solitary. That's preachin. Doin' good to a fella that's down an' can't smack ya in the puss for it. No, you ain't no preacher. But don't you blow no cornets aroun' here."

5) They discussed the car and when to leave. They decided to leave two days later after preparing food (the pig needed to be cooked and salted).

6) They drugged Grandpa to get him on the truck because he refused to leave.


The Grapes of Wrath