The Grapes of Wrath

Explain in a paragraph each how each character handles the uncertainty of their travels to California. Which character(s) were guarded, which were optimistic, which struggled with it and why?

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The Joads must take care of their limited money and must make due with small living spaces as they travel to California. They have 12 people and many possessions packed on the back of an old jalopy, and the physical elements make the journey unpleasant: the family is exposed to weather conditions constantly. Emotionally, they face obstacles as well: they lose Granma and Grampa en route, and Ma also becomes very sick. In addition, they meet a handful of people who tell them that California doesn't actually offer all that the handbills claim. Despite the doubts introduced by other people and despite their own personal doubts, the Joads continue on. They remain optimistic and believe that, even if other families have faced difficulties, they will be able to find work, save money, and create a better life.