The Grapes of Wrath


i have to write to essays one is a creartive wiriing it is a

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i have to write 3

As far as getting Steinbeck's style and tone, just read through some of the chapters of the book to get a feel for how he writes and try to emulate it.

For your second essay, focus on the fact that the family is the main subject of the novel. Throughout The Grapes of Wrath, family is the unit that protects and survives. Another interesting topic with respect to the family is how the relationship between ma and pa joad transfers - eventually ma joad becomes the center of the family as pa is unable to provide for them or settle them down. That would make a great thesis for your essay and allow you to discuss the importance of not just family, but also how the family is presented by Steinbeck.

the tone is- Mournful, awed, enraged, sympathetic

as for the style look at the narrator and the point of view... Good luck to anyone who has to write an essay about this book...i know ow frustratingly dull it can be.