The Grapes of Wrath

Do the Joad's seemed to be doomed by chapter 26?

I couldn't really tell, besides the fact that their hopes and dreams are shattered more than once.

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Things look pretty bad by the end of chapter 26. Tom tells Ma that he is going to leave that night, she tells him that they aren't a family anymore: Al cares about nothing more than girls, Uncle John is only dragging along, Pa has lost his place as the head of the family, and the children are becoming unruly. Rose of Sharon screams at Tom for murdering the man ­ she thinks that his sin will doom her baby. After a day of work, Winfield becomes extremely sick from eating peaches. Uncle John tells Tom that when the police catch him, there will be a lynching. Tom insists that he must leave, but Ma insists that they leave as a family. They hide Tom as they leave, taking the back roads to avoid police. Things are pretty dismal. I don't think they are doomed as long as Ma Joad is alive. She is the engine of the family. There is hope as long as a few of them can work but her dream of keeping the family intact has been shattered.