The Grapes of Wrath

chapter 25 question #3

How would you describe the mood of the following conversation between Tom, Jule, and Willie?

"Gits so I don' wanta think about it," said Jule. "An' I got to think about it. I got this here little girl. You know how purty she is. One week they give her a prize in this camp 'cause she's so purty. Well, what's gonna happer to her? She's gettin' spindly. I ain't gonna stan' it. She's so purty. I'm gonna bust out."

"How?" Willie asked. "What you gonna do -- steal some stuff an' git in jail? Kill somebody and get hung?"

"I don' know," said Jule. "Gits me nuts thinkin' about it. Gits me clear nuts."

A) joy

B) anger

C) desperation

D) sadness

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C) desperation