The Government Inspector

What did the Mayor do to prevent people from complaining to Khlestakov?


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This question pertains to Scene XI, not Scene I.

The Governor (Mayor) places a guard by the door to insure that Khlestakov is not bothered.

DERZHIMORDA (loudly). My orders were—
GOVERNOR. Sh! (Stops his mouth.} You bark like a raven ! (Shakes him.) Your orders were—were they indeed ! Bellowing like a bull in a barrel ! (To OSIP.) Now, my man, you go and get ready there—order anything that there is in the house! (OSIP goes out.) But you . . . stand on the landing, and don't stir from the spot ! And let no stranger into the house, and above all, no merchants ! If you let one even slip past you, then I'll . . . ! And just mind, if any one comes with a petition, or even without one, if he looks like a person who would present a petition against me—then you kick him out head-foremost—straight ! So ! (Business.) Do you understand ? Sh ! now, sh ! (Exit on tiptoe with the Police-Officers.)


The Government Inspector